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The Cannabis Clinic

DETERMINE IF MEDICINAL CANNABIS Can Perhaps Work for your needs

The Cannabis Clinic Brand Brand New Zealand

In 2018, New Zealand changed what the law states to permit health practitioners to suggest and recommend cannabis that are medicinal.

The Cannabis Clinic is regarded as New Zealand’s specialist that is first cannabis clinics supplying consultations, help, training, and expert advice to all the New Zealanders. We assist physicians and professionals whom understand and realize medicinal cannabis.

Our aim will be enhance the total well being of y our patients coping with a range of chronic and debilitating conditions, and whoever treatments that are previous perhaps not been sufficiently effective.

? It offers assisted me tremendously with my joint disease discomfort. ?

? When I’d a migraine the aura was taken by it symptoms away almost straight away. ?

? i’ve noticed rest from joint, improved sleep, and paid off anxiety. ?

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We understand that medicinal cannabis could be confusing.

Is cannabis that are medicinal right treatment option for you?

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We need a referral that is generic your GP. This is really important with you further because it gives us your basic medical history and information which we can discuss.


Once you’ve been introduced by the GP, our friendly and team that is professional get in contact to set up a assessment with certainly one of our experienced medicinal cannabis physicians.

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Get the prescription at your appointment. We shall also follow-up on a daily basis and|basis that is regular monitor your progress carefully.

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We make use of a medical group whom understand medicinal cannabis and share the purpose of assisting New Zealanders manage conditions properly and effortlessly.

Private & Open Minded

We comprehend the frustration to be “part for the system”. It really is difficult to get somebody happy to pay attention.

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We work to treat you as someone you who you are as we appreciate every aspect of your life and being that makes.


Medicinal cannabis prescriptions can vary in expense from $40-$70 per week, with respect to the brand name and dosage degree our medical practitioner seems suits you.

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what’s medicinal cannabis?

Cannabidiol (Medicinal Cannabis) is definitely an extract regarding the Cannabis plant (usually hemp) and will not cause a higher. This has many prospective healing advantages. A lot of people use medicinal cannabis to support anxiety, chronic pain, seizures and sleeplessness.

is Medicinal cannabis appropriate in nz?

Yes, medicinal cannabis is appropriate as a prescription medicine and it is readily available for purchase throughout your local pharmacy. You may need a prescription because of it. So that you can obtain this, you can easily consult with one cbd oil info inc of our cannabis that are medicinal or even to your GP.

what’s Thc?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is yet another extract through the Cannabis plant and it is accountable for the high feeling. THC also offers many possible healthy benefits, particularly when along with Medicinal Cannabis. THC is certainly cautilized by utilized to support anxiety, sleeplessness, chronic pain and sickness.

What’s cannabis that are medicinal for?

Medicinal cannabis can be utilized for a variety of health issues, but the majority individuals put it to use to look for help with chronic pain, sleep and anxiety.

The top conditions people used medicinal cannabis for were: anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, depression, muscle tension, migraines and chronic pain in a recent survey of 2400 users. A cannabis that are medicinal in Auckland has additionally shared some data and stated that out of 200 patients addressed, 60% utilized medicinal cannabis for chronic pain. In addition discovered that of it’s users, 72% discovered benefit cannabis that are medicinal significantly more than 50% stating it was of “great” or “excellent” benefit.

There are not any conditions cannabis that are medicinal authorized for, therefore it is usage is on an instance by instance trial foundation.

How can medicinal cannabis work?

Medicinal cannabis works in the torso by performing on the system that is endocannabinoid. The human body makes it is own natural cannabinoid substances and possesses receptors (CB1 and CB2) for these chemical compounds in lots of organ systems, like the skin and mind. is known to in a selection of . medicinal cannabis works by functioning on these receptors and causing it’s beneficial action.

Exactly what are the advantages of medicinal cannabis oil?

Medicinal cannabis oil has its own possible benefits regarding the human anatomy through it is discussion because of the system that is endocannabinoid. In line with the World Health Organization (WHO), cannabis oil is thought to own analgesic (anti-pain), anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective (protects mind cells), anti-psychotic and properties that are anti-tumour. Cannabis oil has maybe not undergone extensive clinical studies conclusively it’s advantages as it’s a product that is natural.

How to purchase medicinal cannabis oil in NZ?

By having a prescription readily available, you can aquire cannabis that are medicinal New Zealand. The Cannabis Clinic can really help make suggestions in the procedure of employing medicinal cannabis. Or, you can easily choose to see our very own specialist physician to discuss utilizing medicinal cannabis oil health needs.

What’s Cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil may also be utilized to relate to Cannabis that is medicinal oil. Nevertheless, an extract for the Cannabis plant could also include THC, the psychoactive component accountable for the high. Cannabis oil is just a basic term and Medicinal Cannabis oil is a kind of Cannabis oil. It really is currently appropriate to have Cannabis oil containing 98% Medicinal Cannabis in terms from it’s total content that is cannabinoid.

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