Smartkid Olympiad

As it is generally quoted ‘ To err is human, to forgive divine’, so may be quoted ‘ To search is human, to confirm is divine’. Yes…it is human to keep on searching and experimenting, but there comes a time when a final outcome as a principle is reached, and that becomes a rule. A principle or rule never comes up in the first attempt. Several experiments and tests are carried out before the invisible, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Divine Power becomes pleased with the diligence and dedication of the experimenter and helps to create a final principle or rule. And what is this process ? Smart Kid Olympiad …..of course….

Smart Kid Olympiad was founded in the year 2000 conducting written quiz in the schools in Delhi. The credit goes to the earnest support and keen interest of educationists and participants that we are going to present the 20th edition of Smart Kid Olympiad Programme

Dr. Rohini Arora, Professor


Smart Kid Olympiad is a Delhi based organization established in the year 2000. From our humble beginnings, we have now established a strong presence all over India. During the course of past 15 years, we have gained the trust and have successfully met the expectations of countless school children, teachers and parents. We are proud to mention here that over 1000 schools from all over India participated in Smart Kid Olympiad last year.


Smart Kid Olympiad we understand that there is more than one kind of intelligence. Some children have a natural ability to solve mathematical equations while others are good at languages. Some are more inclined towards science while others have a liking for arts. The challenge lies in helping a child discover his interest areas.


Our tests have been designed by experts to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your child. This understanding will go a long way when it comes to monitoring children’s academic progress as well as helping them make wise decisions in the years to come. Our aim is to keep children motivated to learn and do well in school. “Young ones should be on the top of their confidence level”.