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Environmental Science Olympiad

Have you ever encouraged your child to explore the fascinating connection between human and nature? Environmental Science is a subject that introduces children to the wonders of our environment and turns them into environmentally aware individuals. Environmental Science Olympiad checks the basic knowledge about climate change, deforestation, forestry, air and water pollution etc.

Numbers Fun Olympiad

It’s time to assess your child’s numbers skills and have fun at the same time! Numbers Fun Olympiad comprises some really interesting questions based on digits and numbers. Solving these questions is a great way to build students’ interest in Maths and encourage them to acquire skills required to solve complex problems with speed and […]

Writing Skills Olympiad

Even in this digital age when children are typing on keyboards and smartphones all the time, handwriting continues to play an important role in shaping a child’s personality. Every child has a unique style of writing. Writing Skills Quiz comprises questions that test and evaluate your child’s handwriting. Let your child improve her/his handwriting skills […]

English Proficiency Olympiad

Think your child has a way with words? It’s time to put her/his English skills to test! English Proficiency Olympiad brings together some really interesting questions to assess a child’s reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar skills. Let your child prove her/his command over the English language with English Proficiency Quiz.

World of Facts Olympiad

Our world is full of fascinating things that leave even the best of minds amazed and baffled! From ancient cultures to unique languages, from traditional crafts to crazy festivals; there are so many things waiting to be discovered. World of Facts Olympiad comprises some really interesting and informative questions that will test your child’s knowledge […]