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As it is generally quoted ‘ To err is human, to forgive divine’, so may be quoted ‘ To search is human, to confirm is divine’.  Yes…it is human to keep on searching and experimenting, but there comes a time when a final outcome as a principle is reached, and that becomes a rule.  A principle or rule never comes up in the first attempt.  Several experiments and tests are carried out before the invisible, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Divine Power becomes pleased with the diligence and dedication of the experimenter and helps to create a final principle or rule.  And what is this process ?  Smartkid Olympiad…..of course….

Team Head of Smart Kid Olympiad
Data Processing Unit
Ms. Shivani
Ms. Kajal
Data Processing Unit
Ms. Ritu
Data Processing Unit
Data Processing Unit
Data Processing Unit
Ms. Deepika
Team Head Research Unit
Mr. Ashok Gupta
Head Graphics Designer